Business overview

Water is essential for our lives. Focusing on water, Aqualine aims to create services that ease the stresses and strains of daily life that we so often take for granted. Aqualine is here to improve your life environment and lifestyle quality.


Company profile

Company Name Aqualine Ltd.
Date founded November 1, 1995
Capital 278.56 million yen (as at February 4, 2018)
President and Representative Director Takeshi Okochi
Business overview Water supply product emergency repair service, Mineral water business, Water dispensers service
Number of employees 256 (as at February 28, 2017)
Hiroshima office 6th Floor, Daiichi Uenoya, Bldg.,8-8,Kamihacchobori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0012 , Japan
TEL +81(0)82-502-6644
FAX +81(0)82-502-4660
Tokyo office 30F, Kasumigaseki Bldg., 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 100-6030, Japan
TEL +81(0)3-6758-5588
FAX +81(0)3-6758-5589

Developing a whole range of businesses focused on water

Since its establishment in 1995, Aqualine has been striving act as a lifeline for our customers through services we offer. As well as selling and installing our range of products, we take care of problems with kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, along with providing emergency repair services for water supply products.
We have achieved steady growth by offering a range of professional skills and individualized services in the area of water supply products, which are so vital for our daily lives.
We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, taking their difficulties as our own. From our point of view, offering water supply product repairs is not just a problem-solving operation. We strive to provide truly customer-oriented services, including dedicated customer call centers and on-site customer visits, as well as repair work.
Our main line of business is the repair of water supply products. Keeping the importance of water in daily life in mind, we at Aqualine have given a great deal of thought to providing the best possible water-related services. We never forget that water plays an essential role in our lives, and we offer our expertise in this area based on our knowledge and experience of product repair.
This is why we believe so strongly that one of our missions is to provide reliable, high-quality mineral water to our customers.
This is why we believe so strongly that one of our missions is to provide reliable, high-quality mineral water to our customers.
Aqualine’s second major line of business, therefore, is the sale of mineral water that can be used in all kinds of ways depending on the need.


Water supply product emergency repair service

Providing reliable services right now

In order to tackle urgent problems with water supply systems, we offer our Suidoya Honpo emergency repair service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer a wide range of services, including unclogging blocks in toilets, kitchens, washrooms and bathrooms, repairing leaks, selling water supply products, pipe-laying within homes and apartments, and totally renovating water supply systems.

1. For individual clients

With a view to maintaining water supplies as a lifeline essential for our lives, Aqualine plans jobs from the customer’s perspective. We do whatever needs doing to take care of problems with water supply systems, from replacing old parts to installing new equipment.
Solving problems and doing repairs on water supply systems requires special tools and a lot of experience. It isn’t a DIY operation.
Aqualine staff members always arrive with the equipment, materials and parts required to solve our customers’ problems with water supply systems - including not only toilets, kitchens and bathrooms, but also washing machines, well pumps, water heaters, outdoor water supply facilities and pipes as well. We’re ready to deal with the problem right away.
Our staff members provide easy-to-understand explanations and give appropriate advice to customers facing difficulties or trouble with their water supply system.
As a nationwide business that trains its staff in-house, Aqualine delivers the same Aqualine-quality services right throughout Japan.

Service List

  • Unclogging of toilet blocks and repair of leaks
  • Sale and installation of toilet products and parts
  • Sale and installation of hot-water bidet toilet seats
  • Conversion of Japanese-style toilets to western-style toilets
  • Unclogging of blocks and repair of leaks in drainpipes in the kitchen, washroom and bathroom
  • Repair of leaks in faucets in the kitchen, washroom and bathroom; installation of faucets
  • Sale and installation of water heaters
  • Replacement of boilers
  • Repair of leaks and unclogging of blocks around washing machines
  • Replacement and installation of washbasins
  • Replacement and installation of bath units
  • Repair of leaks in indoor and outdoor water pipes and reconstruction of pipes
  • Reconstruction of drainpipes
  • Replacement of drainpipe boxes
  • Sale and installation of well pumps
  • Thawing of frozen water pipes
  • Repair, replacement and installation of water tanks
  • Leakage surveys
  • Other operations regarding water supply systems

2. For corporate clients

We provide prompt repair and maintenance services for pipes and water supply systems in apartment buildings and housing complexes as well as stores.
Our many service contracts with corporate customers testify to our proven track records in providing reliable services. Our services are available throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, available at one call for customers doing business nationwide.

Service List

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of drainpipes
  • Leakage surveys
  • Renovation of toilets (including multiple locations at the same time)
  • Sale and installation of hot-water bidet toilet seats
  • Conversion of Japanese-style toilets to western-style toilets
  • Unclogging of blocks and repair of leaks in drainpipes in restaurants and stores
  • Repair of water supply systems and repair and replacement of faucets in restaurants and stores
  • Replacement of water heaters
  • Replacement of boilers
  • Emergency repair services for individual homes in collectively managed housing complexes
  • Other services regarding water supply systems

3. Renovations

The law sets the durability period for water-supply pipes and drainpipes at 15 years. However, the actual durability period is 10 years for kitchen pipes, which is shorter than the law states, and about 20 to 30 years for toilet and washroom pipes, which is slightly longer. The durability period for water supply products such as faucets and washbasins is 10 years. The durability period for parts that face wear and tear is 5 years; for hot-water bidet toilet seats, the durability period is 7 years for the product bodies and 5 years for the electrical parts.
The water supply system in a house is shared by all family members. A four-member family uses the toilet many times per day.
How about replacing your current water supply system with a more convenient and environmentally friendly one so that all family members can enjoy using it comfortably?
You don’t have to renovate your entire house; merely renewing the old water supply equipment can make every day an experience of comfort.
Aqualine provides a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs, from the replacement of small parts to large-scale renovation of water supply systems.
Just as new models are developed for mobile phones and automobiles, adding new features that make them easier to use, so water supply products such as toilets, hot-water bidet toilet seats, faucets, showerheads and water heaters have evolved considerably from the past.
The range of high-quality products that are easier to maintain and more effective in saving water and electricity has increased.
If you are considering replacing an old or damaged water supply system with a new one, or hesitating what to do, please feel free to contact us.


Mineral water business

Natural and fresh

At present, there are a total of nearly 1,000 mineral water brands, from Japan and overseas, available on the Japanese market. These mineral waters taste different depending on the type of source water and the delicate balance of minerals contained.
Most of the mineral waters produced in Japan are heat-sterilized. However, being committed to providing unheated water, Aqualine chose the highest-quality water.
As water experts, we are committed to delivering fresh natural water to our customers.
We confidently recommend our fresh, soft mineral water, with its mild, sweet taste.

1. National brand

Aqualine’s national brand, aqua-aqua, is available at fitness gyms, hotels, vending machines and beverage retail stores throughout Japan.
aqua-aqua is also available at AQUAclick, an online mail-order website where customers can buy mineral waters from around the world.

What’s special about aqua-aqua

  • Unheated alkaline ion water
    The high quality of the source water eliminates the need for heat-sterilization. aqua-aqua tastes wonderful and goes down smoothly. Enjoy the fresh taste of pure, natural water.
  • Soft water with a hardness of 40 to 50
    Aqualine’s mild, soft water is ideally suited to the physical condition and dietary habits of the Japanese consumer. aqua-aqua can be used not only as a beverage, but also for a wide range of other purposes, including cooking as well as making tea or coffee.
  • Natural pH of 8.2 to 8.4
    aqua-aqua has the alkalinity best suited to maintain the natural balance of the human body, which tends toward acidity as a result of dietary habits and other factors.

Source of aqua-aqua

Natural water from the source at Kanagi-cho, Shimane Prefecture

Varied in geography and climate, Shimane Prefecture’s Kanagi-cho has a rich natural environment.
From the ground surface, water passes through Mother Nature’s filtration system to produce high-quality water that contains just the right amount of natural minerals.
In order to properly implement germ-free control, we disinfect and sterilize our water in a spotless factory equipped with cutting-edge production and test facilities, and take the utmost care in performing environmental inspections and product tests.
Shimane Prefecture’s Kanagi-cho is well known for its high-quality hot springs. Kanagi-cho’s water, springing from 300 m below the ground, is good to drink and to bathe in, and is also used for beauty treatments, as well as for skin and health care.
We bottle this highest-quality water fresh from the spring.

2. Private brands

Drinkable water that benefits your brand

Add whatever images that come to your mind when you think of mineral water to the brand image of your company.
Aqualine proposes creating original private brands for corporate customers.
To the positive image of mineral water associated with words such as healthy, clean, fresh, pure and dynamic, we add “good” and “natural” so as to help you to publicize your brand image with greater transparency and gain further appeal.
Mineral water also gets a ready welcome from people of all different ages and genders.
Hardly anyone claims that they don't like to drink water.
There is no need therefore to focus on particular target customers. Your private brand will be welcomed across the board.
Mineral water can be used for a wide range of purposes, including selling it as a company-brand product or in novelty goods with product logos and characters, or for use at meetings and events.
Because they are designed in full accordance with our customers' needs, our products are highly valued by our customers.

3. Storage water

Maintains its quality even after 7 years

The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and the subsequent radiation exposure have made Japanese consumers realize the importance of water. Many people must have rethought water resources and safety, which they had previously taken for granted.
It is important to store mineral water in homes, offices, schools and other facilities in preparation for a disaster.
Aqualine is committed to maintaining a quality of water that can help protect our lives in the event of an emergency. In addition to ensuring safety and security, we also provide Pure Natural Alkaline Storage Water that maintains its quality and fresh natural taste for 7 years.

Aqualine’s Pure Natural Alkaline Storage Water is produced from high-quality underground water that contains almost no impurities. The water wells up from 300 meters under the ground over the course of several hundreds to thousands of years.
Since the water is sterilized without being exposed to air before bottling, it maintains its quality and fresh taste and can be drunk safely even after 7 years. Official analysis confirmed that there was no breeding of bacteria.

Varied in geography and climate, Shimane Prefecture’s Kanagi-cho, where the water is sourced, has a rich natural environment. Official analysis confirmed that Aqualine’s Pure Natural Alkaline Storage Water, which is produced from Kanagi-cho’s rich natural environment, contains no radioactive iodine or cesium.
Keep Aqualine’s safe, high-quality, and fresh-tasting storage water close at hand.

4. Water dispensers

A richer lifestyle with water dispensers

Imagine a life with safe, fresh water always available.
Having visited homes throughout Japan for emergency water supply system repair services, Aqualine staff members have encountered a wide variety of situations regarding water supply.
Our experience has led us to understand how water safety can enrich our lives and lifestyles.
For a richer lifestyle, Aqualine proposes a convenient water dispenser that provides high-quality, safe water.

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